[A Collection of 22 Auction Catalogues of Japanese Art].

New York / London: 1976-1992. Profusely illustrated with color and b/w plates. Various Sizes. Paper wrappers. First edition. Most are fine or near fine copies; 3 are very good. Item #32553

Catalogue sales include: Japanese Ivory Carvings, Netsuke, Inro, Lacquer, Kakemono, Makimono, Bronzes, Armour, Sword-fittings, Swords, and an Important Dotaku from the property of John Huston. December 10, 1975. Japanese Porcelain, Pottery, Lacquer, Screens, Bronzes and other Metalwork...May 24, 1976. Japanese Ceramics, Ivory Carvings, Netsuke, Inro, Lacquer, Bronzes, Cloisonne Enamels, Swords, Sword-fittings, Armours, Prints and Paintings. From the properties of ... Winnafreda, Countess of Portarlington... Elizabeth White. July 19, 1976. Ceramics, Lacquer and Bronzes. Japanese Porcelain, Pottery, Lacquer, Bronzes and other Metalwork. October 5, 1976. Ceramics, Lacquer and Bronzes, and other Metalwork. June 21, 1977. Japanese Ivory Carvings, Netsuke, Lacquer, Ceramics, Bronzes, Swords, Sword-fittings and other Metalwork from the property of the late Lord Astor of Hever... July 19, 1977. Japanese Ceramics, Lacquer, Bronzes and other Metalwork, Prints, Paintings and Screens. December 14, 1977. Japanese Porcelain, Pottery, Lacquer, Bronzes and other Metalwork. October 17, 1978. Prints, Paintings, Screens, Netsuke, Ivories, Lacquer, Inro, Ceramics and Works of Art. The properties of Mr. Arnold M. Grant and Scott Emerson. June 16, 1979. Japanese Porcelain, Pottery (plus an interesting group of contemporary wares)...property of Lt. Col. R.F. Wright. December 5, 1979. Works of Art. January 17, 1980. Porcelain, Pottery, Lacquer, Shibayama-style wares, Bronzes and other Metalwork, Netsuke, Ivory Carvings, Swords, Sword-Fittings and Armour. 16 July, 1980. Important Japanese Prints, Paintings, Ceramics, Netsuke and Decorative Works of Art. May 16, 1983. Ceramics, Lacquer, Furniture, Wood Sculpture, Swords and Related Material, Bronzes, Cloisonne Enamel, Netsuke, Inro, Shibayama, Wood and Ivory Okimono, Including Important Kakiemon Porcelain and Nanban Lacquer. The property of Sir Frank Bowden. 22 November, 1983. Screens, Paintings and Works of Art. October 3, 1984. Fine Japanese Prints and Screens, Swords and Sword Fittings. 4 March, 1986. Japanese Ceramics, Lacquer, Bronzes, Cloisonne Enamel, Wood Sculpture... Properties of the Harewoood Charitable Trust. 9 June and 10 June, 1986. Japanese Inro, Lacquer, Ceramics, Cloisonne Enamel, Shibayama, Bronzes, Okimono, Prints, Paintings, Illustrated Books, Screens, Swords and Sword Fittings. 28 October, 1987. Ceramics, Bronzes, Shibayama, Furniture, Cloisonne Enamel, Okimono, Lacquer, Inro, Netsuke, Prints, Paintings, Illustrated Books, Swords, Sword Fittings and Armour. 16 June and 17 June, 1988. Japanese Prints, Illustrated Books, Paintings, Screens, Netsuke, Kiseruzutsu, Inro, Ceramics, Cloisonne, Silver, Shibayama Wares, Bronzes and Metal Work, and Lacquer. 6 March and 7 March, 1989. Prints, Illustrated Books, Manuscripts, Paintings, Screens, Netsuke, Tobacco Pipes, Inro, Sword Fittings, Swords, Ceramics, Cloisonne, Shibayama, Bronzes, Metal Work, and Lacquer. 21 March and 22 March, 1990. Magnificent Pair of Japanese Screens. From the Collection of John W. Gruber. March 26, 1991. Prints, Illustrated Books, Paintings, Ivories, Metalwork, Netsuke, Swords, Ceramics, Inro and Lacquer. 11 November, 1991. Modern Japanese Paintings. April 22, 1992.

Price: $295.00