Item #44445 [Red Army World War II Propaganda Leaflet]. Krasnaia armiia.

[Red Army World War II Propaganda Leaflet].

n.p. n.p., ca. 1942-44. Broadsheet, printed both sides. Sq. 8vo. First edition. Very good, minor edge wear and tear. Item #44445

Broadsheet in German, with some Russian, directed at the Wehrmacht soldiers and officers on the eastern front from late 1941 until early 1944. With the first major defeat of the Wehrmacht on the outskirts of Moscow in December 1941, the Red Army went on the offensive. It issued propaganda leaflets in the millions attempting to convince German soldiers to surrender. Most of these leaflets were also intended to be used as safe conduct passes by the German troops; they contained some variant in German and Russian of the phrases: "Pass. German soldiers! All, who caught giving this to the Red Army, are guaranteed: life, good handling, and return home after the war" (Passierschein. Deutsche Soldaten! Allen, die sich der Roten Armee gefangengeben, wird garantiert: das Leben, gute Behandlung und die Heimkehr nach Kriegsende) along with the Russian translation to convince the Germans that the Russians would ostensibly honor the pass. By early 1942, 120,000 Germans had surrendered and by the opening months of 1943, the number swelled to 190,000; those that didn't starve would be used as slave labor and fewer than 10,000 from this group were ever repatriated after the war. Some of the propaganda work was directed by Erich Weinert (1890-1953), a German Communist , who had fled to Switzerland in 1933 and then to the Soveit Union, and was responsible for encouraging soldiers in the Wehrmacht to abandon their positions using methods such as poems printed on handbills.

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